Time Will Always Tell Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

Time Will Always Tell

Rating: 4.8

Our tears will be no more,
Our sorrows shall come to an end,
Our fears will be no more
Our fellows shall see us ahead,
Someday to come.

We shall weep no more,
The troubles, struggles,
And the numerous obstacles,
Shall surely give way to us
Someday to come.

Sometimes I look back,
And then begin to wonder,
The donkey years I left home,
The miles i have crossed,
the troubles I met,
the treasures i lost,
Some of which my life was based,
Then i know that things will change,
Someday to come.

When life appears so dark,
And i loose sight of its beauty,
So that everything taste sour to me,
I think of the seed in the earth,
yes! it must die to grow,
then I know that my star will shine
Someday to come.

Saturday, August 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Time
David Harris 31 August 2014

Your writings give a deep insight into your thoughts and feelings, your life in general. You are doing the right thing, you're telling the world. I applaud you.

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Hazel Durham 18 August 2014

I love this superb write Abekah, written with a true sense of the hardships in life you have turned it all on it's head!

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Adeline Foster 11 August 2014

I did enjoy your poem. The ending refrain was a good touch. Read mine - Who Am I - Adeline

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Professor Plum 10 August 2014

Terrific! Very upbeat. Nice job Abekah.

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

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