A Poem To A Poet Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

A Poem To A Poet

Rating: 3.7

And so today I write to you oh fellow poet!
Yes, I know this will take you by surprise
For I know, you write about host of issues;
From life to death, from heaven to hell,
From wedding to funeral, from good
To evil, from ugly to the beautiful
Just to mention, my friend, but few.

My writing to you is like buying a steak
For a cowboy and a gun for a soldier,
For you can understand and speak
The language of the wise.
And so I am not crippling myself
With the mannacles of rhythms nor rhymes,
Though with sweetness and beauty,
They grace our poems.

Now lend me all your ears, my friend,
And hear all that I wish to tell.
Many a time have you, with dexterity,
Described the ugliest scenes
With perfect skill and beauty,
Many a time, with your powerful words,
Have you melted the hearts of tyrants,
Even the last time in school,
I read, with your poems, you changed
The course of history and ideas.
It is amazing, how you are are adorned.

But I wish to make one request from you,
Be calm and do me but one favour,
When I am left with few seconds
On my death bed, pick your pen
And describe the scene to the world
So that no one will be sad,
Describe it to my children,
So that no one will cry,
Describe it to my family,
So they wont feel the loss,
This I ask of you, oh fellow poet!

Daniel Brick 29 September 2014

You lavish the highest praise on your fellow poet, and cite his greatest achievements, and THEN give him a poetic task that will summon all his considerable skill to fulfill. You are asking him to assauge the sense of loss that afflicts the living who have buried a loved one. Poets have been trying to do this for centuries and it is always necessary to start from nothing and make a very personal poem to give to the grieving family. But the word POET comes from the Greek word for MAKER, so if anyone can fulfill this mission it is the poet himself.

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Achill Lad 15 September 2014

I think what Abekah means here is that he wishes that his life be celebrated, rather than his death lamented. Well written, meaningful.

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Achill Lad 15 September 2014

tried several times to give you a score for this poem but it's not being accepted. Will try another time. (10) .

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Ging Taping 19 September 2014

Nice subway until the end of life called death.... We all die no exemption to the rule. We are all next in line.. When that time comes we are all history....

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 September 2014

Great piece of work! Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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Abdiel Oke 17 January 2020

It Make And Change Me Mind Sure It,s Good

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Bri Edwards 27 June 2017

this was in one of my showcases about two years ago. now it is going into my/our July 2017's showcase. this showcase is almost exclusively of poems by male PH poets. and the poems are now entered using the link to the poems' pages. bri :) Thanks.

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Kyvin Nash 13 June 2017

Beautifuly done man, great work

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Bri Edwards 21 August 2015

oops! AGAIN! ! i meant to type after 'divine* ' (in MY poem) .

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Bri Edwards 21 August 2015

oops! i left out the period after rhyme*.

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Abekah Emmanuel

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