To My Princess Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

To My Princess

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And so yesterday I met her
And the sun will my witness bear,
She was on her way to the river
When suddenly I was attacked by fever,
My heart had nearly fallen out
And I could hear the sound
Yes! She was the one.

So I gave up my journey to the farm
Strengthened and crossed my arm,
I advanced towards her with courage
Though she was not alone, but with her entourage
And as I moved closer with Peter's vim,
The world suddenly appeared dim
And then I began to tremble.

Oh what a beauty with perfectness!
She has no similarity nor likeness
And I am sure she is Plato's Form of Beauty
For she is attached to no form of duty,
Her smiles randomly explode like uranium
And I simply love it above maximum.
Indeed, she is the queen among princesses.

And so her name i inquired
As every true friendship may require,
And to my surprise, 'Eve' she said,
'Then with your apple, let me be fed'
For long I have searched for you
And today I am ready to be a crook
If love is nothing but a crime.

But the sad truth is, I have no gold nor silver,
Which you may expect from me as your lover,
Neither do i have voice to sing you melodies
To keep you distant from your tragedies,
But only this my poor stick with ink
Which I can use to heal you when you are sick,
And so, this I dedicate to you, Oh princess!

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
David Klaus 22 September 2014

Very Funny and interesting Abekah. Knowing you are the Grand Son of William Shakespeare, i undoubtedly know what you are capable of. Very brilliant piece of writing. I couldn't help myself laugh out laud. My favorite was But only this my poor stick with ink, Which I can use to heal you when you are sick. Is your poor stick a herbal drug or a pharmaceutical drug which you will heal her with? ? Or what kind of ink would that be to heal a person? ? LOL

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Chinedu Dike 23 September 2014

Nice poem. Subtly and superbly penned. A 10 for you. Thanks for sharing. Please have a look at my poem #393 MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. Remain blessed.

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Valsa George 26 September 2014

At the sight of your Madonna, did your heart fall into the river with a 'plop'? A dip in the cool waters of that river may cure your fever (joking!) Enjoyed this great song of love, so beautifully rhyming and so fervent! Instead of gold or silver, what you have gifted her, I think is more valuable!

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Mohammad Skati 21 September 2014

A very great and a wonderful poem of love... True feelings and emotions.

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Skywee Gh 21 September 2014

GrEAt piece.very nice. But only this my poor stick with a tread and pin.your poem is with shape.i like it.

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 December 2015

This i dedicate to you; with the muse of peace and love. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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Godfrey Morris 28 December 2014

Like this poem. I like your style. Good write.

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Daniel Brick 29 September 2014

SHE IS A QUEEN AMONG PRINCESSES That's just the right degree of hyperbole, it doesn't insult her with faint praise nor does it vex her with excessive praise. Your poet-speaker is an honest man - when he talks to he lets his imagination excite her imagination but his speech conveys the ordinary details of a man in love. She will (hopefully) recognize his double worth - as a man among men but also a poet! I like the way his admiration for her grows as he learns more about her, he never seems to be driven WILD with desire. He can be trusted - that's the outstanding character trait that comes through. The poem is so very open-ended. Please write the princess's response. It will make a fine companion poem.

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Ging Taping 27 September 2014

Stick with mightier than sword...

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Heather Wilkins 26 September 2014

a beautiful love poem to your princess filled with passion

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