Timings Of The Sphere Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Timings Of The Sphere

It was a day when the sun shone brighter than usual,
It was a day when brooks near valleys formed a sensation.
Echoing against the twittering of flying birds at dawn,
Who knew: who won and lost in loveless wars fighting among tolls?

Silence prevailed in the woods,
But the woodpecker's shrilling in repetition broke the frozen guard reposing beneath dews.

How the nature nurtures
Is felt by those who inhaled and exhaled breaths for them.
The moon contemplating in the dark
Whilst, dreamy clouds hiding their pain.

Shall we start our endless songs,
Or shall we write the endings of longs?
Shall we whisper in ears claiming for the rain
To understand our yearnings that were consented as vain?

The edges of the border,
The pristine peaks of all our daily lights,
The sun setting in the west,
Is always celebrated in the skies.

Garlands had there tales which they kept on and on writing.
No one asked them, why did their hearts cried, while being watered in the morning.

Was it not, my friend, they said they loved?
Was it not, my friend, nectar being stored, amidst being ignored by those trumpets playing as world's craft?

Growing seeds and breathings of bursting foams,
Just asked to let them exist under the world of thousand sparkling stars as a love of mother's womb.

Happiness and perfection never went hand in hand, as the spring leaves sang,
The sore feet still walked with his spade in hand,
Where sands kept their first love's memories in the bottom of their owning land.
Feathers of the peacock whirled, as they witnessed a merry time wrapped in loves of grand.

It was a day when fireflies were murmuring about those distant stars,
It was a day when blinking became their reason for unification.
I learned from standing afar, as Autumn's caressing sweet breezes crossing bars.

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