Tiny Earth Poem by Darlene Walsh

Tiny Earth

Rating: 2.3

I sat upon an elephant in the middle of my room
I reached up through the ceiling and held onto the moon

Past the rings of Saturn I reached out for a star
From this lofty perch I could see so true and far

I floated through the cosmos along the milky way
Eternal time passed from creation until today

The weight of human history both evil and most kind
As songs and stories came to rest uneasy upon my mind

As I walked among the stars and looked upon the world
The oceans were tiny tears, fluffy white veils swirled

I heard the laughs and tears, and sad and wishful dreams
Tragedy and joys uncounted through many lives it seems

The echos of every life shall never ever halt
They travel amongst stars across the celestial vault

Tiny as ants on Earth around they rushed ahead
Hustling to meet the press of humanity's dread

Cars rushing here and there, jam-packed traffic messed
To get home to family safe where they feel truly blessed

Looking down on the singers I hear Earths heart beats
Tiny lovers and ardent poets dancing through the streets

Half the world in terror and fear of armed bands
Thousands born and soon die daily throughout the lands

So many who trudge each day without life's due liberty
Uncounted widows and orphans hungry in crying anonymity

Parents with wee children that grow a bit each day
Worry that soon may be the end of their merry play

Young adults nearing challenges in life's unending race
Soon are burnt like rats swarming at much to great a pace

Life is full of mystery from the date of each ones birth
In pain and joy another day on tortured planet Earth

How I wish to linger here traveling amongst the stars
And avoid forever the stress that comes with life's scars

Wishing to extend this trek through the starry span
But to tiny Earth I must go and live what life I can

Monday, July 21, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
I am newly entered into the world of being a responsible adult, thinking of my future and the future of my hopefully soon to be growing family. What does that world hold for us?
Wes Vogler 12 November 2015

Darlene .. You need some polish but are incredibly inventive. I feel you will eventually develop a better rhythm. Looking forward to reading more of your work (this is my second encounter with your work... it bodes well) A 9 because you will be perfecting your technique and we need some means of informing you with a 10.

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Mohammad Skati 01 September 2014

You're a great poetess. I felt you in every line. I enjoyed the exact meaning of the word tiny . Good luck.

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 25 August 2014

Tiny earth is a lovely poem that binds in love. Thanks.

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