Tired! Poem by Jamelia Lane


so tired of seeing ur face
I'm about to put you in ur place
u see i knw if i do that
then everythin will go black
not only for u and me
but also my whole family
so what descision have i chose
always to keep my mouth closed
cuz in the end she wil choose u over me
like u were here before me but i was me!

That dosent stop her form making excuses for u
I'm about to give up and say im threw!
But i have to keep going to be strng for everyone else!
If i didnt knw any better i know say i need HELP!

You know i never knew anyone was able to hurt this bad
Even though my life some people wish that had!
I know everyone think i always complain about how things are going
but they are always making comment and not even knowing
whats goin on inside my head on what the situation is about..
something i just just want to say just shut ur mouth!

I know things dont seem that bad to you
Because your not me and to me they do
I hate the words that some judgemental people will say
But little do you know ur comments dont matter anyway!
At the end of the day iam gonna feel what i feel
Even though to you its no big deal.

But you arent the one feelin all the pain
So dont look at me like and shake ur head talkin about what a shame
I am only one person that what u need to understand
So Instead why dont u try to help and reach out ur hand!

I'm tired of hearing people say stupid things about me
when the thing is you dont even know me!
man iam tired that all i have to say!
And u still dont try to help at the end of the day!

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