Pranab K. Chakraborty

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To Attain Musical End (Complete) - Poem by Pranab K. Chakraborty


long days ago
a midnight in remote countryside
when stars were strict with their spearing light
hell to heaven the expansion was wide dark
only the ferry boat
fisherman took somewhere away in deep river
fishing or some other reasons not known
swam alone to cross
a low-stream narrow river
and got nice experience of swimming naked
none was there to be ashamed

a little torch with dying battery
only my companion
night crossed 0' hour half an hour ago
a long barren land 've to cross yet to reach destination
never came before, only knew a village was there
dressed-up-gentleman hurried my move
a field fell flat just below my foot
kept myself alert from unknown attack
man or any other animal
know not exactly
it might be emerged from either side

just after processing footsteps forward
faint flute tune touched my hearing
faint but hypnotic
as if night became dense bearing such melody
stopped myself some moments to track the direction
no mechanical, no metallic
assured myself the tune as of bamboo flute
most common village instrument
playing with a folk tune

me not alone on this dark earth
someone else still waking somewhere
regaining strength again
almost dream-walker advanced silently to discover horizon
crossing and crawling ups and downs
faced a jungle in front surrounded by thorns and tweeds
music emerging beyond these creepers and climbers


my only friend the faint torch
shown me there standing an old and deserted
ruined remnant of a temple
dark growing cold as I felt the presence of night animals
smelling me behind bushes nearby
in search of getting access
while terribly finding dark surroundings
night-birds swept me with their wings
abrupt to stop sudden my heart-beats

fear of death or danger was no challenge in duel
only the womb of that tattered temple the flute musing
I've to reach that point of streaming
accidentally conquered the narrowest line to proceed
ruptured grasses lead me to fulfill mission
through the jungle landed to the stair
deem ray of oiled clay-lamp attended my retina
following silently the light and sound
entered the cave formed naturally by devastation
front walls were broken
but it created another passage to hide the cave
almost near to my invention stopped and breathed well

flute being played with its high pitch
following music came near to source
beside the floor a long sitting stair
closing eyes a strong man playing his flute
the lamp beside him
lighting with its straight and gracious low flame
on the floor near his feet
an enraptured young lady spreading two legs wide
sleeping careless to dominate life and death

the man noticed my uttered hissing
stopping flute immediate snatched out a gun
targeting me that hand-made pipe ready to shoot
asked simply who are you
spreading above my two hands
answered like escaping rat
“Your music took me here, no other intention”
hesitated the man a bit to believe
then melted and asked my where about
told him short whom I came to meet

“Do you like music? ”
“ask you yet! 've already risked my life to reach you,
what more want to listen again! ”
hiding weapon behind, seizing my shoulder
took me beside his seat
the lady awoke smiling with invitation
served me drink getting signal of artist's eyes
a glass of raw and cheap country-liquor

without any fibre to hide her limbs
the lady young came close to aflame me
unprecedented hospitality during those young age
not in dream not in dying
the ambiance, the wildness, the fuels
fired me to ride the classic journey of musical art

sipped long single to empty the glass
it burned inside stomach throat but much not hot
as outside the feminine fire fleshing the festive
quiet cool the man told ‘this girl is hired'
I became weightless to enjoy alcoholic flash
as soon as the man blew his flute again
irresistibly invasive the girl became lousy to strip me off
short-time before my mid-night swim
once again I remembered and felt another
through fleshy fire embarked with musical tune


solitude created by skilled fluting made me insane
intoxication, aroused masculinity in love-making
and the melody that lips-blow transmitted
wild I forgot other existence of life beyond this cave
jumped into the game with primitive turbulence
and soon I lost all other senses
except the sense of death remained

flute danced with ecstatic tune
ceaseless rhythm flying with pleasure
we the man and woman strangled each other
as wild as possible riding waves of love or death
nowhere left to return
only the expansion of musical ocean
the flute roaring fiercely pleasant
screaming and groaning of humans
made all my strength useless at its extreme
infinite engulfed all cells to sense
love or death sounded meaningless

only when ray of rising sun,
fragrance of unknown flowers,
birds chirps made me awake next morning
no trace of others presence I found
all my havings kept with care beside my head
along with a bamboo-flute
which backed my memory lane
dressing up hurry while returning
morning showed me the walls not even ruined

terracotta murals existed as antique
less lost one of which
Krishna the Lord playing flute standing below a tree
a baby cow sit near His feet
female associates surrounding Him
spreading their gown and hands dancing with ecstasy

silently I bowed down my head
to whom not yet decided:
Lord Krishna or the flute of His hand
music or the musician of night
love or the lady who burned with me
yet one thing I counted well

only the risk of embracing musical passion
forgetting death and danger of unexposed time
it was only the priceless cost
to attain this musical end!

Pranab k c

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