To Be A Witness Poem by Shakira Nandini

To Be A Witness

Rating: 5.0

Moisture in my eyes, to be a witness
My heartbroken, to be a witness
The intrigues of those eyes are strange
My simplicity, to be a witness
My eyes are dry, I am silent
Polite tone, be a witness
His name did not appear on my tongues
O you who believe, bear witness
Even if I stay, will the earth stop?
My life, to be a witness
Could not live without you
My bed, be a witness
I love you so much
You too, to be a witness

To Be A Witness
Saturday, September 5, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbreak,love and life,lust,nightfall
Denis Mair 06 September 2020

This is a gentle summons to be receptive and vulnerable to the inner life of another person. Every person wants to be known and felt... to matter in another person's thougths. To be a witness, we need to be passionate and caring and open and curious. Like a dancer, your lyrical voice conveys how a person can be there for someone else. A 10!

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Ace Of Black Hearts 05 September 2020

To be an witness in the burdens and love we share. So a lonely yet heartfelt loving poem. I can feel so many emotions from beginning to end keep up the good work.

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