My World Is So Beautiful Poem by Shakira Nandini

My World Is So Beautiful

Rating: 4.7

Friend, I don't know where I am
I am a diamond, a pearl, no, it is obvious
I collide in the vein with desires
I am an empty house
He is sand, flying in the winds
I am scattered flower petals
Eyes are being filled with stars
You say I am a galaxy
My world is so beautiful
Wherever you are, I am there

My World Is So Beautiful
Saturday, September 5, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: break up,lust
Me Poet Yeps Poet 05 September 2020

I see you are a very good natural poetess... Nice reading you and thanks for your lovely comments on my MOM'S SMILES GENUINE POEM THE WHOLE ACTUAL TRUTH only those who loved their moms can realise it Thanks again ma'am

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L Milton Hankins 05 September 2020

So beautiful. Nicely expressed, especially. It could be enclosed in a Valentine's Day card.

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Anjandev Roy 06 September 2020

Great representation........thank u......anjandev roy.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 September 2020

Amazing poem, so beautifully worded, dear poetess Shaikra. A fascinating profession you have, and like you I have lost my dear Mother. So true imaginable Your World is so Beautiful.5 Stars for your impressive poem. To MyPoemList The picture you added here is tremendous magical. Keep creating, dear Poetess, you write so poetic.

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Valentin Savin 08 September 2020

Well done. Nice hearing you. Keep writing.

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Quoth Theraven 07 September 2020

Shakira, Desires, jewels in an empty house, scattered petals, stars, galaxy, your World Is So Beautiful. QtR

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Pallab Chaudhury 07 September 2020

Beautifully painted one.... I liked the lovely presentation.... Stay safe pc

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Denis Mair 06 September 2020

We often feel a need to identify with something. What we identify with becomes like a container we pour ourselves into, but eventually we will overflow it. There comes a time when we identify with open spaces, and if we are looking for each other, we will find each other there. Your lyrical language honors our feelings.

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