! ! ! To Dear Dust, Lovely And Wild Poem by Raveendran N.V.

! ! ! To Dear Dust, Lovely And Wild

Rating: 2.8

When an elephant is at the peak of inspiration
A simple ant bite sends him home ward
Then he becomes the real he
Challenges those who have enslaved him and his
The whole history of elephant taming
Stands trembling as he trumpets.
Nothing can put down nature for ever
Announces an elephant in rage
As he spins his mahout in the air
An acrobatic of no return.
He then punishes his comrade
Perhaps for his inaction
By hitting hard on his belly
And sending him rolling in the dust:
Comrade, you and me ought to be dusty
Dust loving and wild,
Now I rule myself
A real elephant of will,
Not the mahout driven fool.

Alison Cassidy 09 May 2008

This is brilliant Raveendran. A mighty subject made even mightier by the skill of your pen. Your title is perfect and your have blended the formidable and the ordinary to great effect. You are certainly a poet to be reckoned with. Splendid write. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Sandra Fowler 30 April 2008

What a splendid poem, You take me to a different world and I am enjoying the creative experience. Excellent as always. Warmest regards, Sandra

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