Fish And Water Poem by Raveendran N.V.

Fish And Water

Rating: 2.9

Me, very fishy, unable to understand water
Move about in search of an answer

They say water, water everywhere
But what is water they don’t say

Where is water, I don’t see, don’t feel
I move all right, so what?

Water, water everywhere
I don’t drink a drop

Let me ask the giant fish
The grand sire, who knows better

And he tells without water
You can live not a moment …

Ivor Hogg 13 December 2007

Moving in your own elements is natural you see no need to question it unless you arehuman and cursed with curiosity

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Sherry Arzish 09 December 2007

beautiful and very philosophic

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Nithya 19 February 2017

This portrays water in an abstract manner; something that is all around us yet that we are unable to see. We take things for granted, not thinking about what we're really doing at times. The big fish has been through life and is like our wise grandparent. He has made mistakes and learnt lessons along the way. Like the big fish, we should all appreciate the water in our lives.

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Brian Jani 17 May 2014

Raveendran Nicely layed flows nicely.well done

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Alison Cassidy 21 March 2008

Dear Raveendan, your classical 'fishy' story explains with clarity that which we seek is often right under our noses. A paradoxical poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Tsira Goge 25 January 2008

Raveendran, thet was beautiful, I think that on a Sanskrit it sounds better. I like yours philosophicall verses... thenks, Tsira

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Sandra Fowler 14 December 2007

Pure enchantment! I believe that fish even survived the deluge.They just do what comes naturally. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra

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