! Soul Poem by Raveendran N.V.

! Soul

Rating: 2.9

Each dropp of rain
Longs to reach the core

Each mountain spring
Each river
Yearns to reach the nest

What is their end?
Who is it that attracts them?

The ocean has a womb
Where awaits the core, the nest
The soul of the drop.

Sandra Fowler 21 July 2007

Beautifully expressed. More than worthy of a ten. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra

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Max Reif 26 July 2007

At first I felt the use of 'nest' in a piece with images of water, was a mixed metaphor, that I had some difficulty with. However, I'm writing because I found 'the ocean has a womb...' quite powerful. And I certainly hear what you're saying! On 2nd reading, the nest image did not put me off as much, either.

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Alison Cassidy 01 February 2008

A lyrical description of the yearning of all life to reach its source. Love your description of the womb of the sea and the nest of the sea like the womb shape of the pelvis which is the nest of the swadhishana chakra - the water centre) . It's all about letting go, it seems to me. A soul-filled read. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Tsira Goge 28 January 2008

Hello Raveendran... It is an eternal theme. The answer deeply goes to heavens.Tanks, Tsira.

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Charles Garcia 05 August 2007

Raveendran; Great words of wisdom; As all to begin with a dropp of rain Charles Garcia g

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Blue angel Florida 27 July 2007

WOW, really nice to reflect on: 'What is their end? Who is it that attracts them? ' - Thanks!

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Peter Stavropoulos 26 July 2007

The soul of the dropp or the dropp of the Soul. Another poem with unique vision and powerful statement.

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