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To Do And Too Often

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Increasingly so many seek,
For the implementing,
Of their misdeeds.
Returning to them,
Adverse and unsuspecting...
Punishment to receive.
Uniquely applied.

Like children.
In elementary schools.
And away,
From homes.
Where their tricks to pick,
Are either condoned or...
Done to do too often ignored.
Left to practice until perfected.
Portraying innocence.
Disguising betrayal to deny,
When and if caught to reveal...
A premeditated and planned,
Deceiving of skills inherited.
Taught to teach.
With approval given.

Insinuating AND accusative.
Not to mention...
Disgusting and appalling.
With a delivery,
I find each time unrelenting.
Insulting, rude and ruthless.
Absent of cuth.
Skin crawling,
Urban ghetto trash! '

I'm doing the best I can,
Artistically to improve...
My performance.

'I love every moment.
Not a disappointment I feel.
Although if I may,
I'd like to recommend...
This one suggestion.
Towards the end,
Of your thrilling presentation.
Find a way...
To fill your mouth,
With the whipped cream.
As the spotlight dims.
And this...'foam' begins,
Dripping from the edges...
Of your mouth.'

I love your recommendations.
I am not seeking a promoter.
Or an opportunity,
To entertain anyone sitting.
As I emotionally agonize,
My suffering and pain.

'That's too bad.
I produce this rock group,
Needing to torment...
Audiences everywhere.
With your pain...
And their craze.
I could make all of us...
Enough money to pay,
Rent for those...
Rushing to move back,
Into ghettos nationwide!
And chickens?
Lined up for miles.
Donating to have their wings,
Baked, barbequed or fried! '

What do you take me for?
Some kind of fool?

'Yes! '

And you got a deal my brutha!
Those other clowns,
Think I am easy to flatter...
With false empathy,
Heard to hear expressed.

It's all a game.
Some are trained,
To be deceiving.
Hypocritical and self serving.
And others...
Have been taught to teach,
A being empathetic...
Humble and anointed,
With self righteousness.
Gets tears to flow.
And hugs of forgiveness,
Dripping to melt away...
Intentional acts of deception.
I remember being taught,
If it ain't about money.
It ain't about nothing.'

Such a 'white' thing!

It's a 'green' thing, bruh.
And nothing colored,
Black, Brown, Yellow...
Or Caucasian White,
Is going to pay for groceries.
Pay a bill.
Keep the lights on.
Or give anybody a key,
Where rent or mortgage...
Is due without excuses made.
Try taking that,
To the cash register! '

To do and too often,
We all lie to ourselves?

'How can anyone explain,
What greatness is to not see...
Everyone convinced of it? ! '

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