To Fall Poem by Amber Piercy

To Fall

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To Fall

In my mind I see you
A different kind of human
Like looking through a stained view
And thus, it began

A strong powerful beauty
Deeper than the biggest ravine
the maddest kind of insanity
That this world has ever seen

Bigger than any ocean
And stronger than the deepest tide
That's how it began
On this whiplashing ride

You move me deep to my core
As I lay fighting for every breath
Leaving my soul twisting for more
Until there's nothing left

In agony I fall deeper into this crevice
Until I hit the cold floor
Like a thief I steal each kiss
Until I can't take anymore

You are my mountain
my rock, my river, an my fountain
I would leap into that pit every time
Because I know at the end of this rhyme

You will be waiting....

A.D. Small
October 27,2022

Saturday, December 24, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: human life,reflection,affinity and love,marriage,happiness,joy,blind love
Amber Piercy 27 December 2022

A thank you so much I truely appreciate it

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" In agony I fall deeper into this crevice ", the agony seeps into the heart of the reader. Profound! 5 *s

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