To Honduras With Love (Part Iii) Poem by Ayi Escalona

To Honduras With Love (Part Iii)

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The day is yet another blessing
In my simple life and with it
The joy of having thoughts from you
Is everything beauty has ever produced
Yet much more I smile with sheer delight
As I open my eyes to the beckoning sun
Because I know there's your email
My source of utter and immense joy
The task of having to prepare for the day
Seem so mere compared to the thoughts
That I have carefully collect
When I email you my dearest
Today words flow from
My inner sanction, not quite as freely
As past times, it might be because
I am so tired that just to keep my eye-lids
From slipping and giving into sweet slumber
Is causing me a great turmoil
But also might be that this time
I can no longer see you.....
At this very moment of my life
You have left me speechless
I have racked my brain searching for the place
Where I store precious thoughts of you
Yet to my dismay I cannot find them
Maybe it is because they have taken a detour
To where I know they will be safe
Deep in the safety of my warm heart
And words could not do justice
To what make you feel
And what great joy you bring to me
But know that it is more simple words
That I type for you this very day.............….
I sit in the awe of you
The picture that you gave me
To see your face bring me
That extra bit closer to you
And my wish that maybe I could be again
In the presence of such an astonishing woman
Maybe just to touch once more your hands
In which all my thoughts run
Smoothly and wonderfully
Across the distance of a thousand miles
Today, I thank god, for he has blessed me
With so much more that I am worthy of
And you are surely my greatest blessing
I leave you now yet only for a short while
To hear from you again is still and will forever
Be my greatest treasured happiness
In whatever you do know that I am here
And sweet, warm thoughts of you are with me

Melvin Banggollay 01 February 2008

What another A-dmirable R-eviberating I-ntelligent E-motional L-ovely poem you have shared mahal kung kaibigan, thanks, melvin

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M. E. 27 January 2008

Just a minute in the perfect place at the perfect moment to meet that wonderful soul which is caught to live with us forever, that one you think it doesnt exist but you did find it and it's real, that immaterial essence which makes me live. To Philippines with love..

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Estrella Baldemosa 27 January 2008

this is a beautiful poem ariel...i am sure that your love for her is reciprocated, i hope your path will cross again someday...

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