Celebration Poem by Ayi Escalona


Rating: 4.5

flickers of silver lights
traversed the skies
roaring like thunder's
glaring despise....
whistling bombs
take its toll
deafening the
ears of every soul
It's christmas...
the christians celebrate
the time to ponder
on the saviour's birthdate
in the manger that once
a holy child laid
missioned to save
the earthling's misdeed

Bryan Mahoney 31 July 2007

short and sweet, very nice

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Mao Tao 03 August 2007

interesting piece, , .thanks

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Verse seems to convey varied celebrations - some silent, some reverberating; I join the celebration and singing of hymns on the Saviour for an ever-lasting peace & happiness. Well done. thanks.

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Ronald Kigozi Nsobya. 14 August 2007

I like the double meaning created by the metaphors in lines 1- 3 and line 5. 1. Could this mean that it is paradoxical that what the saviour came to erase (misdeeds) is instead taking place on the very annivesary of his birthdate (bombs - suggestive of brutal human destruction) ? 2.Could this also mean the grandeur way in which Christians decide to remind themselves of the wonderful Saviour who decided to give His precious life to set free the apparently sinful and insignficant man so that (he) man may not perish but have eternal life? Whatever the meaning, Ariel Escalona has done wonderful penwork in amalgamating ideas with words to produce this grandeur piece.

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Michael Gale 28 August 2007

Nicely put, i probably could not have put it better myself, donch know? A tenner fer sure(as they say, down in the valley in California.) God bless all poets and readers alike-MJG.

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Walterrean Salley 26 December 2009

This poem is all about hope for a lost world. A wonderful message. Thanks.

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Ric Bastasa 05 October 2009

video meliora proboque deteriora sequor

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Sydney Love 16 September 2009

wow very enjoyable, i loved the imagery in the beginning. Nice piece. Sydney

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Eddie Roa 15 January 2009

Fine reminder of what Christmas is all about. good write

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An interesting, well-written read. Glad I stumbled up on it.

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