Song To My Beloved Poem by Ayi Escalona

Song To My Beloved

Rating: 4.9

O' damsel I caressed
Of sweet love i praised
the lass i sanctify
a goddess of my eye
her lips like marmalade
soft and sweet like bee's need

at dusk after a vivid day
reflections of my beloved in mind stay
and dream a deep slumber
awake in thoughts that ember
memories, memories, a motley clown
o'er my head a golden clown

o' dearest why are thee
when thoust away my mirth flee
distress in heart prostrates
that no maiden exhilarates
then beneath the tedious moon
flux of tears create a pale lagoon

Marvin Brato 30 October 2007

Romantic tribute to love one! Top marks

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Blue angel Florida 24 September 2007

You gave so much life to it, 'Sweet as Marmalade'~ mmmm I'll have sweet dreams, you've made me taste it, haven't had a piece or marmalade in years.

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Aurora Wells 04 September 2007

Thank you for those beautiful words. You are a true poetess! A ten!

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Joanna Kantharia 03 September 2007

I can relate to the appreciation of My poem Memories! ! : -))) I liked your poem very much. thanks Joanna

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Phats Li 26 August 2007

Thank you Ariel! ! ..very romantic but soulfully got a 10 from me! ! ...sandra

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Catrina Heart 03 December 2009

A stunning song..fabulous tribute! ! !

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Sakura Tomoko 30 May 2008

Beautifully done, words beautifully sprung from a greatly passionate writer, Brava fair lady.

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Carolyn Sears 26 December 2007

Hello Ariel, As you know this is a beautiful write and I just love it.. God Bless My Friend In Poetry..(smile) Carolyn

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Subbaraman N V 22 November 2007

A lovely poem with extraordinary manifestation of sentiments! A great write!

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Denise Sbar 18 November 2007

I enjoy this very much. Thanks for sharing

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