To Honduras With Love Poem by Ayi Escalona

To Honduras With Love

Rating: 5.0

How could I conquer the loneliness of night
When every spark of burning thoughts is pain
And this heart pumped tears and not blood
Shall I keep on weeping and wait for the wound to heal
Or simply kiss goodbye the footprints of yesteryears.

How could I listen to her laughter
When her echoing joy fades in the distance
Will I survive every brutal slash of silence
Shall I run like crazy and barked at the moon
Or catch the stars and play with the night

How could I see her face
When a wonderful smile is carved
Shall I stare at the sun and endure the blinding heat
Or let the lighting rip the skies
And beg the thunder to yell my longing

How could i smell the scent of her whisper
When every breath i take is stolen by space could I kiss her when im still awake
Dreams.....come.....and fly me to her distant shores
To the land that embraced her tenderness
To Honduras with love.....te amo

Gina PrettyBrownEyes 09 October 2007

favorite line (out of many) : 'Or catch the stars and play with the night' such beautiful imagery. nice work.

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Daniel Ramirez 08 October 2007

What you say i can feel and see what you mean... to conquer the loneliness of the night is brutal and yet you make it seem like memories of love is what keeps you sane... keep up the good work.. Cuase this is a ten! !

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 06 September 2007

How can I conquer the loneliness of night? Something I ask myself quite alot. That one line has still stuck in my heat from your poem. It's beautifully written, heartfelt and the words you used were beautiful. Keep writing.

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Sasha Anonymous 05 September 2007

I have just one thing to say... its beautiful

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Ana Monnar 05 September 2007

I just love good poems about countries and this is one of them.

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