'To Mandalay I Go' Poem by reinalie jorolan

'To Mandalay I Go'

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I am back in the road to Mandalay
To where you and I once held 'us' dearly...

The scenery is still pleasantly familiar...
In a distance, there are blossoms of eternity
--at least in a glance, I must say.

My bucket of life is filled with shards of my owns broken pieces
While my hands are dyed with the darkest of nights and days.

I brought a basket of hope and bread for me and you-
-poetry too.......need I ask if you want them though?

I am not schooled by any man to know a man,
Or by any woman to know how to be a better one…

Hurry...I must-frost is catching up pretty quick.
My feet are losing their fire and my heart is getting weak...

Oh my dear Mandalay? ? ?
What a difference there is to me,
--had it all been this way? ? ?

The surrounding trees start losing their vibrant leaves
Fall must be collecting over dues for time's lonely graves…

The grasses, though serene, tell a sad story of its own
And I, to their sadness can't help but be drawn...

I do not have the slightest luster of the diamond
But these two feet and a heartbeat to carry on...

I come as I am through the paved road to Mandalay
Quick- Oh Frost...my feet are losing their fire on me...

In that turn off, I see you with the smile I always knew,
But your far away gaze says Mandalay is not the way to go...

Quick, my skies are darkest now and the stars are tucked away,
The trees and grasses stand very still- all looking away from me…

Tonight…the fall leaves are slumbering upon their own little resting ground
And I….grope my way to home where darkness and beauty sadly abound

My feet and heart are frozen now,
I wish to rest forever...forever, somehow!

reinalie/Oct.31,2008.(2: 17 am)

Ency Bearis 02 November 2008

great imagery..well narrated and written..nice piece...A 10 Ency Bearis

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reinalie jorolan

reinalie jorolan

Ozamiz city, Philippines
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