To My Dear Children Poem by Ibnu Din Assingkiri

To My Dear Children

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My teacher used to say,
Person who is problematic
Is a magnet for troubles
Like carcasses attracting flies
Infesting themselves.

Life could be hard,
If you choose the toughest way
Life could be hard,
If you choose just to stay -
Under your own lazy shell.

My father used to say
Lived life with ease
Don’t mess other’s territories
Don’t bite the hands
Who gave you foods.

Friends come and go,
Lover may be replaced
But parents and siblings
Like cutting a flowing water
It won’t break up forever.

Roseann Shawiak 20 October 2014

Love this poem Ibnu! Family is everything, it is a very close bond here on earth and one to be loved and enjoyed your whole life through. Parents do mean well, but children do not come with directions, so parents do their best and pray that their children will become responsible and dependable adults. It is an uphill battle at times, but most parents do not give up. You have a good grasp on life and it shines through your poetry. Thank you again for sharing. RoseAnn

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Valsa George 05 October 2013

Blood is always thicker than water! Our parents are the most well meaning people in the world! Our children and siblings stay with us in thick and thin, provided there is nice bonding! Enjoyed! !

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Unwritten Soul 05 October 2013

This is gemstone by words form, shining wisdom, excellent to wear_Soul

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 04 October 2013

Don’t bite the hands Who gave you foods. Glory to be Allah every day you supine every day we commit mistake thank nice teaching 10

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Mahadevan Krishnan 04 October 2013

You know Mr Sanusi, you are to the point. Precise to the point. Clear message.

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