To My Love Poem by Erin Hanson

To My Love

Rating: 5.0

You ask me what I like about you as each hour ticks by,
each minute slows down.
We talk about things that are unreal but unbelievably amazing.
Walking resentfully towards one another
our glassy blue eyes in the darkened moonlight,
we look past each other as
the lighten grey concrete attracts us as our soften feet strain against it. Our eyes must conjoin many added times in moonlight like that one.

Beautiful is one simple adjective
of many in your mind the I love you’s that we befall and divide.
The assurance and dreams among our two precious hearts.
It’s an uncompleted string tied up around us
that pulls you to me and me to you.

My past doesn’t seem to mean much as
it never seems to get involved I’m thinking
that’s magnificent just like you.
It’s admirable to think and to know that
everyday will always proceed
and every day that approaches
you’re the one that’s forever more by my side.
Standing as a freshwater rose,
our feelings advance as they never cease.

The deep blue eyed beauties
as there love shall be ever lasting.
Moving forward this has got to be constant.
As its getting exceptional and more valuable,
I would stop the world and come running for you.
Come running for our rushing water fall of feeling,
and love that will never stop pounding
at the bottom as it resembles that feeling,
understanding, and love shall never fade from one another.

Frosty pits of milky colored sleet hits my pale face
as they repeatingly hit they continue to build up among my face.
That chill that saddens my bones as they are iced and solid.
Wishing as I lay here
that you were here to help those chills disappear without pain.
The contentment that we must share,
tears shedding down our droopy faces
standing here by you as I am whispering in your ear.
This love will never leave my heart even
if years from now you may not feel or think the same about me.
There will always be apart of you in my heart
that shall never be taken. I will never forget you,
you’re engraved in my heart
as it’s a stone colored pink.

As im finishing the whisper off
the clear watered drip watching it ponder down your face.
You close your eyes slowly as your eye-lashes touch.
An ashamed moment of silent shatters
and the rock solid words stumbling out of your faded- purple lips.
As you say “I love you”
I stop in control of myself
and I turn towards you because
as I have the same feelings I proceed and say
“I love you too”.

Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson

Pheonix, Arizona
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