To One Of My Friends Poem by Chocolate Bunny

To One Of My Friends

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You are my friend, one of the few I count on in this world
You've been there for me when no one else cared
I remember when we use to talk about everything
and suddenly one day you closed yourself off to me
You changed the way you dressed and the smile you once wore was gone
You use to go out all the time but now that time you spend alone
I didn't know how to catch it or even how to tell
I never knew you were hurting inside you knew that to well
Until I saw the marks you made and the things you'd say
No longer the happy person you once were that person has gone away
What can I really say to make it all better?
Your mother tries, your father even wrote you a letter
I told you I am your friend and till the very end and I pray that means something to you
Because in my life as your friend hurting yourself is not something I want you to do
I remember you cried and gave me a hug and told me you'd try
I'm glad you did
Because now your on your way, we're on our way back to that same friendship again.

This poem is dedicated to one of my close friends.


aww, she's as blessed as can be to have a friend like you. beautiful poem.

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