Pouring Poem by Chocolate Bunny


Rating: 3.0

Rain falling from the sky pouring over me
The tears from my eyes pouring over me
The blood from my wound pouring over me
The fear in my heart pouring over me
The regret and the shame pouring over me
The hurt and the pain pouring over me
The darkness from the sky pouring over me
The questions left behind pouring over me
And inside my house
Where i think i am safe now
All the love I gave pouring over until it's gone.

**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 19 September 2008

the heart is pouring out in this write, beautiful job, , C.B., , keep them comeing! ~~~~~~~~ PW.

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Mary Murphy 18 November 2008

NICE! I like it a lot! You have such great talent! Keep it up!

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Shilesha Johnson 24 October 2008

wow this poem is really deep. i like it alot. it's so strong and it sends chills through me when i read it. great job. i give it a ten

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Egi David Perdana 20 September 2008

the children poems, I love your stanza

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rohit sapra 20 September 2008

This poem is so nicely written and really is a very touching poem written with a unique style.

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Saint Cynosure 19 September 2008

This is very good. It is still, pouring over me...

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