Too Bad Too Late Poem by Chocolate Bunny

Too Bad Too Late

Rating: 3.5

I wanted to ask you to be with me
but you play to many games
made me feel like I was a fool
Like I was the one to blame
Pretended to be there for me
A great friend till the end
But now my sight has returned, I see
I should just turn and walk away
No more begging and faking, just be real
You still smile at the end of the day
I really wish you care how I feel
But I guess it doesn't matter anyway.
Too bad Too late
It's over and done
for you to change, I will not wait

Whitney Nicole Albright* 01 January 2009

Great poem. No one can wait for someone to change.

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Dr Rajesh Kumar Vaid 06 December 2008

Now that is a classical capture of such type of people who do not know how a friendship is nurtured. For them it is a selfish game, and (worst) they do not have any compunction also. This all has been brought about very beautifully in this lovely poem. Very light and straight-heart-forward. I enjoyed reading it and 10.

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Midnight Blood 06 November 2008

Its A very good poem, it, I guess your poem means, that some people you think are perfect, only for your to find out that they're only doing things for their own happiness

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this is such a great poem! i lUv it!

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**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 25 October 2008

Bunny, its too late I've hopped on your bunny trail...

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