I Had To Be Crazy Poem by Chocolate Bunny

I Had To Be Crazy

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I believed you, every word you said
I believed, how stupid I must have been
Didn't my mother tell me that guys always lie
I didn't want to believe it, especially looking into your eyes
the most honest face, who wouldn't trust you
your were like every girls dream come true
We had the makings of something great
but believing in you was just another mistake
I knew it somehow, even in all my doubt
that the guy I knew had not really come out
you were just another guy who lies to get what they want
luckily for me, I woke up
just in time, to correct my mistake
before I made a decision that would make it too late
I could have changed my life for you
rearranged it all
but thankfully I recieved my wake up call
You played with me like the other's, your just about the same
But I'm thankful to you because now I know the game

Karen Wood 09 June 2008

Another good piece, pity a good many of life's lessons are hard ones. Well done!

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yea, we all have to learn somehow that they're all the same! some even learn it the hard way. good write, keep it up girl!

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Chantelle Nixon 07 November 2008

Wow, this really good. I'm glad you learned this lesson and are sharing it. You make me smile!

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Shilesha Johnson 24 October 2008

you are such a great writer. i lvoeeeee tis poem. it really describes how most teenage girls feel when it comes down to love and relationships. lucky for you, you realized the type of person he was. great job!

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Little Hatila ;) 03 October 2008

wow...how brave you are to get over it....you explained everything so beutifully and you showed you over coming and your braveness in the same time....keep going pretty girl Hataw

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Greenwolfe 1962 16 June 2008

This is a good solid read. I'd recommend it for the lesson it teaches that girls never learn. GW62

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