To Whom It May Concern Poem by Little King of Sorrows

To Whom It May Concern

Save me the hypocrisy
My days of guilt are through.
The biggest mistake I ever made,
Was waiting for 'Honest You'.
Take the plank out your eye first.
And then you'll start to see.
Your selfish ways and constant games,
Is all that's there for me.
Beginning to end, all time between,
There's nothing good to show.
So spin your tangled web of lies,
despite what we all know.
Drink and drive and risk your kids,
but mine you leave alone!
Hurt their ears and show them 'right'.
'Mom's asleep or on the phone'.
You were warned and made aware.
You chose this way for us.
So why are you still singing then?
Because it lead me to that bus?
Your opinion is not needed.
You gave your rights away!
The day you chose to make me walk,
you had your final say.
' So many things I'll never know ',
Perhaps its you that hates your choice.
I've shown you all regret I have.
Nothing worth the text or voice.
This I merely do for fun.
So please don't get it twisted.
Look at all the stories here.
Many years and loves are listed.
You're a prize I do not wish.
A fight not worth my time.
A chase not worth another step.
A call not worth the dime.
You knew I'd do whatever.
So you played me all day long.
So it be until I leave,
So here's my final song.
This one thing you know is true!
We could never last!
I took my life and heart away!
Your time has come and passed!
Not 1 game, not 1 chance!
You got far more than you should.
You squandered every brand new start.
Never left me something good.
Goodbye my almost lover.
I loved you till I hate.
Your web no longer holds me.
My future now looks great.

L.K.S. 4-17-15

Friday, April 17, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hypocrisy
Kelly Kurt 17 April 2015

A nice bit of writing. Thanks for sharing

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