Tomorrow Is Another Day, Life Is But A Dream They Say

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Blushing pink sky
shyly passes by
on green heavens fields
where stars walk across
as if on sumptuous red carpets
hidden by sweet candy floss.
With violet leaved trees
swaying violently
In a gentle breeze.
The bright sun shining
with loving orange crush.
And a lemon coloured policeman
makes an arrest with zest
to put before
a curly wurly wigged
black and white faced judge.
Some feisty male with blue blood
wants to watch ginger cats
fighting in the silver mud.
And I will go to bed
In the place the rainbow led
with a very sore
and spinning head.
A head that is so headstrong
It doesn’t know what’s right from wrong
Having had a colourful day
And put it in the bin
the one that says it’s bin and gone.
Tomorrow it won’t be that way
tomorrow is another day
life is but a dream they say.

Marci Made 24 May 2007

No one tells a tale better than you do Dave........It's fun, it's light, it just makes one feel good. At times you could put one in a perpetual place akin to 'Neverland' and I for one feels that's a place that's filled with smiles and wonderful, neverending, happy make much talent.....~~~~~~~love, marci.xo

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JoAnn McGrath 24 May 2007

I feel like I'm reading a page from Alice In Wonderland.......oh what the colors you have spun: O)

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innocent love 24 May 2007

hi david, vry butiful..........loved the lines The bright sun shining with loving orange crush. seems to is life anew.

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