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Too Late, Too Far Gone? - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

A creature is born.
A creature dies.
The inherent essence of life itself.
Dictated not by our choosing.
No matter how hard we try.
Time is either slowed, or sped up.
Infinite does not exist this reality.
Yet we are still our worst enemies.
Playing the odds with futures generations.
A climatic sensation.
Embracing the ultimate pleasure.
Tell me does satisfy.
Into to the flames with some gasoline so it is worse for the next guy.
The burning into oblivion sickness.
Ego centric.
Selfishness does not even describe it.
Oblivious to what we could be.
No respect for even our own history.
No respect for even our fellow human being.
No respect for any life in existence.
Out to destroy ourselves and everyone else.
Driving a fuel truck with no brakes.
A path is but what we make it.
Risk versus the reward.
Wise versus the absurd.
Floating chaos encircling, the ever entrenched and well guarded order.
Trying so hard to define a mass president.
What is important, and why is it so?
A falling flag down the pole.
Revolution or evolution?
Perspectives of the same illusion.
What is it you think you see?
What is it you think have a right to?
To breath, to eat, to drink, to sleep, to live in peace and harmony.
In what scifi fantasy?
What would make you think or believe you are more deserving then any other life form in existence?
There has to be balance.
Or no will survive this century.
We must learn to co-exist with the environment.
Everything in moderation.
Do not so highly value the paper your money is made of, but what is in our food, water, and air.
The simple practicality of self sustainability.
There is a clock like it or not.
We can prolong the inevitable if we so choose, but know we can stop it.
At some point humans will no longer exist or evolve to a being far superior the current one.
Adaptions and mutations happens at microbiological level constantly.
Why is so hard to believe that we too can change?
And this change is what we so desperately need.
But will it come soon enough?

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