Torn In Two Poem by Frankie Stones

Torn In Two

I Love him but want another
The feeling of emptiness lies there waiting
And he can’t fill it.
Love seemed unbearable, like it was hard,
With him it was hard.
But with another it was easy.
I couldn’t help the way I felt,
The feeling inside,
A longing to be with another.
The feeling I knew I should fight.
The feeling I had for another.
The feeling would grow,
The love would blossom,
But this love was forbidden,
The one thing I couldn’t have.
The days got hard.
The fight seemed lost,
Why fight something that felt so right,
So natural, so easy.
Could this be I was falling for another?
Many thoughts past through my mind,
Each growing into a worry, a problem,
Something else I would have to deal with.
But that one stayed and I couldn’t solve it
Why did I have this feeling?

Stacey-leigh Olner 05 October 2007

very good poem i know what you mean its happened 2 me lots of times.and find myself with more questions then i started with. because eahch question leads to ananswer and each answer leads 2 a question. (does that make sence?) . love stacey xxx

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Meredith Barr 22 August 2007

Hold on a minute! Did I write this or was it Frankie? Listen to your heart always. You have no better guide, otherwise you'll be very virtuous, but dead.

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Donall Dempsey 20 August 2007

I like this's honest and true. You start opening it up and it turns into another question that begs an answer...that only has another question for you. I like your awareness and perception and how you are brave enough to face up to it. That's part of what poetry is write not because you know.. but to find out! Or to find out that you still don't know! Not an easy one to untangle! Donall

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