Transcendent The Humanity Poem by Palitha Ranatunge

Transcendent The Humanity

Transcendant the humanity
Merge with machines, the movie
of science mythology, pave the way
To my mind, towards the
Creation of duplicate world
That will not experience natural
Death that we all encounter,

Death is the limitation
For our knowledge and wisdom
The knowledge of exploring the
falseness of knowledge
Gathered by people that have been
Limited to only one generation
Limited to a single life span
In average of seventy six years,

The wealth can be gathered
generations from father to child
The knowledge can be written
In books and e-books, and pass
it to the next in future, but the
Wisdom of human brain can not be
Passed, it ends in every death,
And it is one of the greatest barriers
For mankind, in the process of
Development in any valued subject,

If Aristotle, Da Vinci and Einstein
Can still live and continue their
Creativity, what amazing discoveries
Will there be for future generations,
But the man has to be decayed and gone
And be packed in heaven in line
Within the stores of mighty God's land
Or could come back in another form
of life in the process of re-incarnation
But leaving all the previous knowledge,

Can the wisdom to be continued
Well, if wisdom can be protected
There were, are and will be supermen
And women within us, but all
We know is that there has been no
Such process to preserve the wisdom
As in the said movie of science,

All theories that have been formed
Available for the man to be misguided
In his journey for winning the universe
Towards a single goal, that is to
Exploit the liberal thinking of a man,
Inadvertantly, unknowingly or unintentionaly
breaking the back bone of mankind
Doping them only for a self salvation
In a afterbirth, in heaven or in nirvana.

(Transcendence is a 2014 science fiction movie. The main character Dr. Will Caster is a foremost researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, working to create a sentinet-machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever knows with the full range of human emotions.)

Palitha Ranatunge

Palitha Ranatunge

Gampaha, Sri Lanka
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