Demon Cults Poem by Palitha Ranatunge

Demon Cults

Rating: 4.6

The creator of gods
For the benefit of own
Gone far creating demon
Cults picturing them as
Gods …
One can ill in mind
Can go before the altar
And curse and pray for
Dooms and destructions ….
One must not come with
Clean hands or souls
Before these gods
Only requirement is
Money itself. Nothing else
When the bundle is thick
Return will be in bulk!

It is sad, isn't it?
These fake gods
Run their businesses
Before the own eyes
Of the twenty first century,

Like in "God Father" of
Mario Puzzo,
They look after their
Clan who has utmost
Faith and devotion …

The devotee can go
To their temples and
Pray for his/her own benefit
For unjustifiable priorities
Or fortunes or salvation for sinners
And most significantly
A detriment to the others,

The traders who are ill
In every aspect free to do it
After offering their bribes
To the demon gods,

The killers kill for money
In every aspect free to earn
After offering their bribes
To the demon gods,

Pirates, pimps and drug dealers
Are free for their deals
Since their gods are satisfied
With the offerings in full of
Colorful blood soaked bank notes,

The irony is even the commoners
Who at high roads drive their vehicles
With fullest speed
Like fatal killing machines
Confident with the protection
Given by their Gods
In return to their faithful bribes.

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: trust
Dr Antony Theodore 02 November 2020

The creator of gods For the benefit of own Gone far creating demon Cults picturing them as Gods, religions, cults, performances in the name of religions. trust, faith all those points you touched here in this poem dear poet. this poem is an eyeopener. thank you. tony

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A B Faniki 01 September 2019

Dear poet what a picture u have painted with honest word. I feel the pain and see the problem.

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Navod Dilhara 10 December 2018

A kind of different vision upon a different matter. Well written. Great.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 06 February 2016

If the God is a thesis, demon is it's anti-thesis. Like wise if the God is bright day light, demon is the night of no moon's day. In short in my opinion these two are 2 sides of a coin and each one of them derives it's importance due to the existence of the other. It is pathetic, though, that the innocent/ weak/poor have to bear the brunt of the demonic activities of the vultures among human beings. Thanks for sharing a thought provoking and realistic write in form of a beautiful poem.10 points.

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Palitha Ranatunge

Palitha Ranatunge

Gampaha, Sri Lanka
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