The Rapist Poem by Palitha Ranatunge

The Rapist

Rating: 3.5

Hey, may I whisper unto thy soul
And pour the pure liquid of my
Budding love into thy virgin heart
Feeling inexperienced palpitations
Presenting such an exotic warmth
Beyond the cradle of childhood
Since the day of thy attainment,

Ay, 'tis a mistake, fatal one
ye despised my true confessions
Of melancholy that swells and sobs
With dismal and pure anger
Pushing my lost soul unto an insanity
And transforming me to a werewolf,

Oh! Dear one, do not make public my crime
Do forgive my emptiness and my folly
Knowing not the irony of practical life
Of civilization that has been manupulated
Our true impulses and compulsions for mating
Into such a dirtiness and a codified intrusion.

Jazib Kamalvi 03 August 2019

Nice poetic repentance, Palitha. You may like to read my ars poetica named, Poetic Sense-1. Thank you.

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Chaminda Pushpadewa 17 November 2018

nice poem there meaning has been hided it s wrapped with the yourself feeling you read and comment my poem like end war and soldiers life

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Navod Dilhara 29 February 2016

Great! you have quite softly expressed your expressions using a calm rhythm,

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Palitha Ranatunge 12 July 2017

Hi, did u enjoy cricket at Galle stadium? well, I have not written for few months. What about your very rich writings in poetry? Hope you are doing well!

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Palitha Ranatunge

Palitha Ranatunge

Gampaha, Sri Lanka
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