True Love- Ode To Persphone And Pluto. Poem by Palitha Ranatunge

True Love- Ode To Persphone And Pluto.

My love, my little Persephone, taken by the dark king Pluto
Guarded by six headed monster at the gate of the dark world
I have played saddest tunes of isolation pleading for your freedom
It's true the entirety of the nature has wept together with my voice
The voice for the freedom of love, from all forms of selfishness,

Having won my battle and holding the release papers from the King
Of underworld, Persephone my precious darling! Please do not follow me
For my youth and aggression in love that you were craving from me
Is no longer with me, the invisible bird of time has been flown most.
My love is utmost but my feeble touches may disappoint your heart,

Yonder, I encounter
The territorial gates well guarded,
If I look back before the end of the journey,
You will be at once sent back to the king!
My love do forgive me,
For your not knowing the terms of the pact
That I have penned with the king.
May I look at you,
As my final worshipping of your beauty,
Wishing you the best!
With the mighty king who has shown
A heart full of kindness and sympathy
Towards humble lovers like us.

Navod Dilhara 07 March 2016

Great poem.. you have an extraordinary rhythm....

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Palitha Ranatunge 07 March 2016

Thank you for all your endeavours in commeting my poems.

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Palitha Ranatunge

Palitha Ranatunge

Gampaha, Sri Lanka
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