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As I walk along the deserted beach
I feel the damp sand surronding my feet
I feel the cool relaxing breeze creep up upon me with ease
As I look out at the restless waves my thoughts unwind like restless days

When I talk to you it is friendship
But when I hug you it is love
Friendship is when we have fun
Love is when we flirt


Why must good people die?
I know they fly away to the sky
To a peaceful place
But why?

Our friendship looked so joyful
now it appears doubtful
it upsets you when you see me with your friends
it upsets me when I see you with my friends

We were considered by others Best Friends
“unbreakable” is what our friendship was said to be
I knew it was to good to be true
I expected it might end but not so abruptly

Before we met I wasn't sure what to do
who to turn to
I was afraid
wanting to give up

How do you expect us to forgive you
after all the pain that you have put us through?
I am glad that our friendship is over
now i see truly how far we had gone

As I wonder through the trees
I hear a softly calling breeze
Come to me, come to me, it pleas
Weakly wondering, with all my might

No matter what happens I will remember you
I will remember the fun we had together
I will remember the secrets told
I will remember the trust

Together forever you promised
So long ago
But last year when you left me for more than six months
I felt abandoned

It feels like forever since we have talked like friends
Why did our friendship fall apart?
To me it remains unknown

I remember the night you asked me that special question
It was Christmas eve
I was speechless
You told me to think about it and call you in two days to give you my answer

As I walk through the dark and eerie dungeon
I smell the musky air
The rotting corpse lays upon the warped wooden bench
As I open the creaking door the rusted hinge screaks

we found out about 2 months ago
something that made me cry
the doctors said you were ill and we were in for a long battle
and through it all you always would say we are going to win this battle

I can't able to give you a reason for why obstacles in this life occur
But I can be right beside you every step of the way helping you and listening to you searching for a solution.
I can't change what has happened in our past all the challenges, heartaches, and pain that we have been through.
But together we can be strong and nto let them happen again


Before we met I prayed for someone who was strong, caring, kind, loving, and understanding
Not believeing I could find that special someone
The day I met you I will never be able to put into words
For once in my life i was happy talking to someone

Life throws obstacles at everyone
Not mattering if its death, divorce or arguments
There is always a situation that makes you stop and think
At that point many people attempt to change who they are

Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to touch the sky
Sometimes I want to yell why

Looking up at the sky I see a shooting star pass by
It makes me think of you and everything we have ever been through and how fast it all has gone by
Upon that shooting star I made a wish
Praying that we will always remain the same

you tell me you want to be friends through thick and thin
than you say that you still like me and want to be with me again
jsut not now
you tell me we can be freinds but why doesnt' that seem right

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As I walk along the deserted beach
I feel the damp sand surronding my feet
I feel the cool relaxing breeze creep up upon me with ease
As I look out at the restless waves my thoughts unwind like restless days
The beach is a very quiet and calming place

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You're poems have alot of heart, but more importantly, you have alot of heart. You are probably the easiest person I've ever found to talk to, and you are soooo caring and thoughtful. You really make me feel better in my messed up world, and I will always be thankful for how much you've helped me. I hope you don't mind me posting this, but I felt I needed to.

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Stephen Feltham 17 July 2009

Shiny Shine Great poems! Very profound for a young person with an amazing amount of sensivity. best regards Merlin (UK)

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~A Little Blue Bird~ 06 May 2008

Shiny shine is an awesome writer. Her poems will make you feel like your in a different world.(my favorite is the beach poem) They go deep. Keep writin Shine, ~The Little Blue Bird~

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