Don'T Cry For Me Poem by Jamal Brown

Don'T Cry For Me

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Even though I'm gone from you physically,
I'm still with you. Please don't cry, just because
I'm out of sight, I am always with you morning
Noon and night. Do me this favor, since you really
Love me, when you go to my funeral, don't cry for
Me. Hey, cheer up! I may be gone, but you're
Still here, and I know that you're thinking of me 365
Days a year. I understand that you're sad, and I expect
You to cry at first, but I want the tears to stop when they
Put me in the hurse. God saw that I was tired, and
Needed some rest so he made me take a nap. So I'll just
Be sleeping, until God says 'Wake up.' Can't you see? I'm
Not gone forever. I'm certainly not going to heaven, and I
Know I'm not going to hell. But I look forward to Jehovah's
Wake up call, when he brings me back to live forever on a
Paradise earth.Please, have the hope and the faith that I
Do, because this hope is true. I want to see you again, and
I know you want to see me too. Hey do me a favor have a
Great party after my funeral; I want you to have fun! That's
Not a request, that's an order. There's one more thing,
I must tell you, see you in a little while, and by the way,
I love you.

Eyelizabeth Unknown 01 December 2011

my mother still recalls two hours before eye died my last words to her was 'eye love u'.. wonderful words to slip from ones lips

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this is suchh an amaing poem. i cant find a way to relate to it. and i find that in your words they are real, they arrent just another word written on a piece of paper 4 ppl to read, or words that you put down to express how you feel at rthat moment. as i read this poem, your words seem to be as if they will last 4ever. i can feel your emotion and i guess you could say stronglymess in it. as if you were right there next to that person trying to confort them. this is an amazing poem. this is wghat a true and real poet is. :) well done :)

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