Travel Poem by Randy McClave


Try to travel
Let your mind and soul then unravel,
Look about and listen and learn
Let that be your yearn.
The more that you explore
Then you'll want to learn and know more,
And the more that you visit
The less chance of you becoming a racist or a bigot.
If you don't journey to a different site
You might believe that your color is right,
And you might believe the language that you speak
Might be the only one with beauty and mystique.
Travel for your thoughts
For your do's and does and not your nots,
If you don't travel then your thoughts won't be strengthened
And all your ideals will be weakened.
Travel from your wants and your whims
If not your dreams will be born with fragile limbs,
And then you'll end up believing in tv-shows
In those who invent enemies that no one knows.
Don't live in nightmares to make you live in terror
From what you watch is mostly in error,
The judgement should be always yours
And should not be taken by false beliefs and tours.
Before, you talk about a foreigners cuisine
Don't be criticizing and hateful and mean,
Travel and try the food that you mock
Then I promise you, you will receive a pleasant shock.
Travel teaches us to say good morning to everyone
Regardless of where and when was the dawn,
And regardless of what language that others speak
Same joy and happiness we all do seek.
Travel teaches us to say goodnight to everyone there
As at our bedside we say a prayer,
And regardless of the darkness that we might carry inside
When we travel with us it never does ride.
Travel teaches us to resist and not to depend
To accept others, not just for who they are in the end,
But, also for what they can never be
When you travel your mind and soul and thoughts are free.
You then know what we are capable of
You feel part of a family, beyond borders with love,
Beyond traditions and culture that the imagination has spawned
Traveling teaches us to be beyond.
Travel, otherwise you will end up falsely believing
Lies, gossip and rumors meant to be hateful and deceiving,
Then you are made only for a panorama
Still shots from a black and white camera.
Travel because inside of you, you need adventure and escapes
In all corners of the world are wonderful landscapes,
Travel when truth and sanity you need to retrieve
There is still time to visit and to believe.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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