True Love Poem by Ghada Shahbender

True Love

Rating: 4.8

Did you ever
Run your fingers through a burning flame
To make sure that it would burn you
Run straight into a closed door
To find out how much it would bruise you
Look straight at a naked lamp
Knowing it would blind you
I did it all
And now I’m sure
The blisters will heal.
And now I have found out
The bruises will fade
And now I know
I will nurture the light inside of me
For as long as it takes to deliver the child
Not a stillborn, lifeless child
This will be a perfect child,
A healthy child - not deformed or maimed
The child that I have already named
True Love.

Nasra Al Adawi 13 May 2005

Sometime God gives us a low tide or a sad phaze, where we can question ourself where did go wrong and be able to heed to our next journey...This poem gives such impression...Great work Ghada (ya salam alaiki) this poem had touched me so deeply...

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His Homeynence is impressed with the depth of feeling displayed in this poem. He agrees with the notion that one must first experience pain and suffering before witnessing true joy and love. sincerely, peck

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Ghada Shahbender

Ghada Shahbender

Cairo, Egypt
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