Ghada Shahbender Poems

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Haiku For Love And Forgiveness

On Arabs, Stench And Filth.

Arabs gave the world Algebra
And the science of Alchemy
When Europe was in its dark ages
And Aristotle was blasphemy.

The Warlords Of Poemhunter

I am saddened, in fact dismayed
For the attention that I have paid
To fellow poets who fail to perceive
That they should enlighten and not deceive.


I no longer know me
I don't want to be
I look in the mirror
and a stranger looks back at me

True Love

Did you ever
Run your fingers through a burning flame
To make sure that it would burn you
Run straight into a closed door

Friday Morning

A blank wall the ugly color of dust
Two drain pipes covered in pigeon droppings and rust
I roll down the shutters to keep Friday morning out
The humid air, the children who swear and the parents that shout.

Lonely Moment

Loneliest moment:
Parrot screeches for attention;
The house is silent.

Meet Loneliness

She is now my best friend.
Always close to me
She's as reliable
as no one else can ever be.

I Dream Of A Heaven Overlooking The River Nile

I dream of a heaven overlooking the river Nile
The Pyramids at a distance
Fishermen in rickety feluccas
A blazing September sunset

Of Pygmalion And Shaw’s Fair Dame

In my search for beauty
I painted this picture of the perfect Other.
I painstakingly sketched.
I added detail, form, light and color.

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