The Warlords Of Poemhunter Poem by Ghada Shahbender

The Warlords Of Poemhunter

Rating: 4.6

I am saddened, in fact dismayed
For the attention that I have paid
To fellow poets who fail to perceive
That they should enlighten and not deceive.
Poetry brings solace and tranquility
It’s no battleground for verbal stupidity.
It transcends gender, religion and ethnicity
It’s not an excuse for madness and eccentricity.
Keep this site clean of hatred and aggression.
Go elsewhere with your childishness and regression.

kenneth william snow 27 April 2005

amen...i am humbled k

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Consider His Homeynence converted peck

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Made a revisit today. Could not agree more

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Excellent message. Most relevant to this day. We are all here to celebrate poetry, enjoy good poetry. Not to fight among us for supremacy. Most relevant message, Ghada

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***** ***** 08 May 2005

Well done, this message should be heard... but as said, it will not be heard by those who need to hear. Sx

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Engi El Haddad 30 April 2005

Well said, but for the warlords all the world is a battleground, poetry, philosophy, religion and ethics are but weapons to terrorise. What they refuse to realise is that in the end all the good dies.

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hear, hear! sadly, the warmongers won't heed this. they never do.

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