On Arabs, Stench And Filth. Poem by Ghada Shahbender

On Arabs, Stench And Filth.

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Arabs gave the world Algebra
And the science of Alchemy
When Europe was in its dark ages
And Aristotle was blasphemy.
Arabs gave the world soap to wash out filth
And do away with stench
I write this down and think
I sound like a condescending wench
They gave the world sugar
To sweeten the palate and acid tongues too.
Here I go again.
I sound like a narrow-minded shrew.
I should not bother to list the contributions
Of Arab Civilization.
In spite of my fury
My anger and indignation!
I am not here to give the narrow minded
Lessons in history.
That is neither an accomplishment
Nor poetic victory!

*This poem was written in response to a poem that described Arabs as filth and stench.

David Gerardino 07 May 2005

good points, but some peaple might think your poem/history is something they dont want to hear, are history books have a lot of lies in them, so peaple for the most part believe what they read, its sad but true...the bottem line is life is a big wheel, we all are as one...............................

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Mary Nagy 07 May 2005

Such an interesting poem! I think if you keep on writing you may just enlighten many people about your country. Thank you. sincerely, Mary

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kenneth william snow 07 May 2005

Ghada, very well said and I admire your taking the high road. kenneth

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Ghada Shahbender 08 May 2005

Adam, this is not about religion. Arabs are Muslim, Christian and Jewish. Nor is this about the crusades, there is a lot to be discussed there. This is about an ugly peice of writing that described Arabs as filth and an explanation that every civilization made contributions to mankind. It is about not using this site for verbal bullets and turning it into a battleground. Thanks for your comments. GS

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Nasra Al Adawi 11 May 2005

Thank you for sharing this poem...showing you pride of being an arab

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6) They did horrendous crimes against humanity across the world, apart from what they did in the Americas and Asia, but in Africa like slave-trading, killing millions of civilians of third-world in wars among themselves. this is history.

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5) they conquered and ruled many parts of the world. But, in the process, they destroyed any inherent aboriginal communities and civilisations in the places they conquered and decimated the aboriginal populations.

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4) My notes are not intended to denigrate any community, but to state the facts. It is just that with the advent nineteenth century, Europe made tremendous progress in sea-voyage, ship-building and this was encouraged by large scale use of arms and ammunition,

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3) This simply means that the civilisation that existed circa 4000 BC, in all these places were comparable in stature. And that no mention is made about trade relations with Europe tells us clearly that no civilisation worth the name existed there.

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2) while speaking of varied stone, brick and metallurgical industries that thrived, it is mentioned that healthy trade relations existed between the people of these sites with those in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia etc.

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