Turning Pink Hydrangeas Blue Or Vice Versa

turning pink hydrangeas blue the newspaper caption read,

depending on the soil (it said) ..., but in my head a childhood quandry solved for once and all

when my sister and I running out of things to do

that summer pondered the question, philosophically too:

always the pink or blue, the dress, the velvet shoe,

the ribbon in your hair

which o which to wear

that was the summer of Disney's Sleeping Beauty

remember when the seats were plush velvet

and air conditioned cool the downtown theatre in humid Arkansas

the popcorn strewn, the real Coke syryp over ice

and expectation grew

preceded by cartoons, the Main Feature...

the fairies could not decide either!

and so, they concluded

both are best

and kept turning the dress

from blue to pink

from pink to blue

you know the rest

while she was dancing

Aurora woken from dreams.

and still it seems to me

the best solution

the pink titration or the blue

depends on whom you're talking to

perhaps a little tinted by the mood you're in

don't have to see the competition through

when blue can be changed to pink

and pink to blue. in a twinkling

whenever there is magic in your thinking.

mary angela douglas 8 june 2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: blue,childhood ,flowers,movie,pink,summer