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Twenty-Five Years....Next To Alice

Rating: 3.6

Sending out an invitation
to attend a special meeting
where astute deliberation
is at home, however fleeting
as a common, simple act,
ergo those who are intact
in their cranial cognition
carefully weigh their position
just before they do attend,
those unlikely to offend
party crashers uninvited
get their little heads excited
and they pack their bag of tricks
to collect perverted kicks.
Since they do not have the brains
they can make no real gains
in a rational discussion
even with applied concussion
to the numbskulls that they wear,
it won't work, since nothing's there.
All exposed and recognised
still they act as if surprised
isolated by their hate
they go into aggro state,
hide behind a cedar tree
and throw stones at all the free
balanced and congenial neighbours
hiding bowie knives and sabers.
What if God could take the time
(after reading this great rhyme) ,
to come down and tell those souls
that they ought to change their goals,
that in life what counts is kindness
and that bigotry and blindness
lead to strife and bitter feelings
and that man, in all his dealings
with his fellow be a friend
which, of course, is just a blend
of one's heart and soul combined
human beings must be kind
only kindness is the key
for the spirit to be free.
Well, as you know, our God has tried
what I suggest, though they have lied
while shaking in their boots that day
and promising to work and pray
their minds were scheming new distress
that's why the world is in a mess.
And in the end what counts on earth
is whether one is good, from birth
and stays that way, all without malice
it is like 'living next to Alice.'

Herbert Nehrlich1 04 August 2005

Lamont, my intention was to portray the indignation of reality. Would not change a thing. H

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 03 August 2005

Just 'twenty-five years...? Someone deserves an award! LSP

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Herbert Nehrlich1 02 August 2005

And who is the goony bird? A goon species? Not perturbed and happy, H

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Raynette Eitel 02 August 2005

Good rhymes and easy metre (short lines) all blend to make this poem a success whether one likes rhyme or not. This truth packaged carefully in a lot of fun. Thanks. Raynette

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