Twilights Child Poem by Savannah Allison

Twilights Child

The baby was born at twilight to a mother who didnt care,
she left her where she had her,
yes, just left her there,

What a lovely baby it was,
hair like the sun,
eyes as blue as the sky,
and already filled with fun,

The darkness cloaked the child,
as the mother stole away,
and left the Twilights Child,
alone there to stay,

Hours passed, and the baby cried,
hungry for food and love,
then the Heavens opened,
and an angel came from above,

the angel whisked the baby,
into her warm gentle embrace,
but God didnt want the child yet,
the one with the sweet face,

So the angel took the child,
to a family who had prayed,
for a tiny little baby,
with hair like the sun,
and eyes as blue as the sky,
already filled with such fun,

and Twilights Child was loved,
by this family of four,
when a kind-faced family
found her by their door.

Vonda Overlie 12 January 2007

I love this! ! It is so beautiful. -Vonda

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Jim Foulk 12 January 2007

A very beautiful poem, i just loved the way you described every detail, very sad, but it is a fact that these things do happen. heart felt, it really moved me to read.

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