Two Autumn Leaves Poem by Ray Quesada

Two Autumn Leaves

Rating: 4.9

Though we both lay here together
we're a hundred worlds apart
different memories; different demons
different Spirits; different Hearts

Though we may embrace each other
Eternally, we stay alone
Though we both lay here together
we're just two autumn leaves
the wind has blown.

Shaun Cronick 14 December 2020

This is my favourite from what I've read already, a great simile poem that delivers. And delivers more than well. Thanks for sharing and simply enjoy life. Take care.

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Titi Dale 31 March 2013

Nice :) leaves have many colours and variations, these are just two of them! Great work :)

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Samuel Augustus 12 January 2013

one of your best for sure. - - i believe you will be quite popular in years to come.

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Kelly Seale 05 November 2012

Stirring... This is a beautiful piece Ray, and I agree, one of the best I've read in a while, which draws me to want to read more from you. Great Ink! :) -Kelly.

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Zaynab Elzain 09 October 2012

Yes..just two autumn leaves, the wind blow us. We are next to each other but we are not together~ touchy..

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