George Hunter

Two Bills - Poem by George Hunter

As I was coming over the hill
Whom did I meet but Buffalo Bill.
I said Hello Bill, you're a sight to see
Would you like to sign this buffalo for me?
He said, Sure Son, it would be my pleasure
And I'll introduce you to my treasure.

This here's Annie Oakley, so fair
She'll shoot your balls right outta the air.
So I threw up three baseballs from my tote sack
And she shot them all down, crack, crack, crack!
Wow! , that's some really good shooting, Anne
You're more fun than watching Sally Rand.

Another gunswinger came up over he hill.
I said, Lookey there, it's old Wild Bill.
How's it hangin', Mr. Hickok
He looked at me with quite a shock.
He said I've shot plenty dudes for less than that
And put three bullets through my hat.
Hold on Bill, don't act like a child,
I didn't mean to get you riled.
Okay then, but show some respect
And don't try dealin' from the bottom of the deck; .

I asked, Was that story about Aces and Eights a fact?
No, I had five Aces counting the one-eyed Jack.
Then they had to go and shoot me in the back.
Ooooooh Kay, glad to get that right
As that was surely an oversight.

Say Hi to Doc Holliday when you see him sometime
Tell him I'll try to put him in my next rhyme.
Now I know this will sound mighty weird
But then they all just up and disappeared.
Must have been a dream and that is that
But - - - I still had three bullet holes in my hat!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, February 1, 2013

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