Two Kinds Of Dreams Poem by Jim Yerman

Two Kinds Of Dreams

It seems to me I have two types of dreams as through my life I stroll…
The first are the dreams I make…over which I have a modicum of control.

Dreams I work on every day…dreams that never stop….
Dreams of being a good person, a good teacher, a good husband, father and Pop-Pop.

Dreams that make me smile as I fall asleep…when another day is through…
knowing I did my part in making those dreams come true.

But there are a second set of dreams I dream…as through my life I stroll…
Dreams that no matter what I say or do…are out of my control.

Dreams I'm forced to leave to Fate…and when another day is through…
dreams that no matter how hard I dream…may…or may not…come true.

Global dreams of peace throughout the world…in every country…every state…
Dreams that another person need not die at the hands of anger, prejudice…or hate.

Dreams that are more personal…dreams I'd like to see…
come true for the people in my life…the ones who are closest to me.

The dreams within my heart that in a quiet room I keep…
dreams I whisper to myself…before I fall asleep.

The dreams I put into a prayer…or save is a wishing jar…
Dreams I make on a dandelion…or attach to a shooting star.

Dreams whispered when I cross my fingers…the kind of dreams I make…
at a wishing well, when a ladybug lands on me…or while blowing out the candles on my cake.

Yes, some dreams I am happy to control and smile contentedly when the day is through..
for all the others I'll make a wish on anything to help make those dreams come true.

And when I am blessed to wake up…each of my days follows a similar theme….
It's another day to control what I can…and another day to dream

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