Jim Yerman

Two Philosophies Of Marriage - Poem by Jim Yerman

I overheard a conversation between two men, both a few years older than me
One said he was 87, the other 83.

They were talking about marriage and I inched in closer, thinking it would be nice
If I eavesdropED just a little- I might get some good advice.

One was humble talking about marriage- the other cavalier
The latter was divorced 5 times the former's been married 66 years.

Into their marriage philosophies it was my good fortune then to peek.
As I sat back to listen in, the divorced man was the first to speak,

"I make the money, I'm the head of my house, " he said, I may not be Sir Galahad.
And if the ladies don't like those conditions, I'm sorry that's just too bad.

The married man listened carefully then gently nodded his head
"That's interesting but my wife and I- we have a different arrangement, " he said.

"We made it on our wedding day and for 66 years it's helped our household run.
We agreed I shall handle all the major problems and she the minor ones."

"Good man, " the divorced man nodded in agreement as a smile crossed his face
I believe in any good marriage a woman should know her place."

"Funny thing, that, " the married man said, "in our 66 year long duet
We've only experienced minor problems- not one major problem yet!

As the divorced man was left to ponder- I imagine he'd never understand.
The married man smiled, walked up to his wife and they walked away hand in hand.

Topic(s) of this poem: marriage

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