Two Unicorns And A Rose

Rating: 4.5

And near the forest stood a rose,
now spotted by two unicorns.
As rose observed the creatures pose
it flashed in anger all its thorns.

The unicorns began to sing
and spread, bilaterally, a wing.
The king of flowers, known as rose
said 'what a weird and ugly nose! '

Both unicorns got raging mad
which made the situation bad.
Attacking quickly now the rose,
they soon collided, nose on nose.

And in the shuffle both felt faint
(you see, all roses have a saint) ,
and neither did regain their spark
until the forest was too dark.

Try as it might, a unicorn
can't see in darkness. It is born
nightblind (it lacks the carotene) .
The two gave up and left the scene.

purple moon 29 June 2007

interesting and inventive...........i love unicorns.x

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Herbert Nehrlich1 05 June 2006

How old are the kids? A Bumblebe Turns Gay (risky) Spider Gus (X-rated) May I suggest The Perfumed Donkey, Yolanda, there are quite a few about animals, frogs, wombats but I would have to try to find them. let me know I am honoured.....

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Gina Onyemaechi 05 June 2006

I've just printed this out for my class, Herbert, as they're doing a project on certain animals. Have you got any poems on the following other animals: bees, chameleons, tortoises, owls, and spiders? They're also doing cats. I'm just off to your 'Cat and Cadillac' number. What's your news, Herbs? G.

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