poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

Unable To Sleep

Who is it that will admit,
And honestly say...
They have awakened lately,
From a peaceful sleep.
Missing those who have lied.
To and about them.
With it wished to have this known.
By the ones who knew this.
Done to do and intended.
Missing the act of it.
And also wanting it to do again.
After the opportunity is given,
To be forgiven.

(What in hell is going on here?
I'm going to intervene)

Who is it missing people like this?
And pacing the floor.
Unable to sleep.
Wishing to meet those who lie and backstab.
Hoping again one day to greet.

(This is not happening.
Even for Me,
This is insanity.
Do not...call! What?)

"I know this may sound crazy.
And, I am aware it is well after midnight.
Remember luring on me to then backstab?
A few years ago.
Is it possible we could meet.
To repeat the same incident? "

I remember it well.
I too have been unable to sleep.
Hoping one day we would meet again.-

**Excuse me.
You two are out of your minds.**

Is that...YOU? "

I've heard through the grapevine,
God is experimenting with a new potion.
And has traveled to the West Indies.**

-You're Satin.
I recognize the voice.-

**Shut up fool.
You promised you would hate.
And this is how who pay me back.
After I taught you how to lie and backstab? **

"Where is it you say God is? "

**I said...
I heard through rumors,
Your God is in the West Indies.
Working on a new potion.**

The God I pray to,
Has always promised not to be far away.
And I believe right now,
You to be the fool, Lucifer."

**Who told you my name?
To think we could be on a first name basis? **

Lucifer, huh?
And all this time,
You had me believing...
You were just another devil.
Thank God I had my fingers crossed.
When listening to all your B.S.-

**Excuse me.**

-Leave us alone.-

Beat it...fool.
God works in mysterious ways."

Topic(s) of this poem: commentary

Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 14, 2019

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