Ray Subrata Ray

Rookie (27.01.1959 / Nator Bengladesh)

Unified Field Or God. By Ray Subrata - Poem by Ray Subrata Ray

I was playing foot ball with my friends in a circular field,
In a vast boundary, with a track of land it was built.
The field was only a name on the land,
Yet as a field, it controls and stands.

My thoughts produce, a field of its own
The earth with its boundary seems to be shown.
The bundle of energy packed in matter,
And their identity needs, a name,
The name is abstract, but controls the frame.

While I was student, my physics teacher in a deal,
Was in a light and serious way, speaking of the fields.
Einstein’s theory of relativity, tells the fields’ positions and power,
From the smallest to biggest, as a millennium and an hour.
My vagabond, knocked, ‘Does field comes from God,
The great abstract, in very field, as our Lord? ’

My shire’s love came to me and kissed my fore head,
And with his calm smile uttered, “You well said”
He voices “Unified field, you may assume so,
The other fields originates from there, and there again go.
Gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear,
Within and without, the unified they bear”.

‘Then, do all the force-fields come from one single’?
“Yes, yes, their source is one, and in one they mingle.

After, theory of relativity, Einstein was anxious to prove the relation,
And there after, quantum, and relativistic-quantum, gave its solution.

In ‘Plank’s Dimension’ we find this presence in weaving of vast space,
An abstract ultimate reality, predominates, governs, and graces.
This in the Vedanta, calls non-dual God, and in dual you may call Christ,
The nucleus of this universe, -the vast unconscious, brightest of the brightest.

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